Friday, May 7, 2010

An Exciting New PWA Product!

We are pleased to present the newest member of the Pennywise Arts bead family, Iridescent Bubble Beads!!


Our 2mm Bubble Beads are shimmery, gorgeous and HUGE compared to anything else we have in the shop. To get a better idea of the actual size go take out your ruler and look at the side with the centimeters on it (the smallest lined side).  Now look at the smaller lines within the centimeter marks – these beads equal TWO of the millimeter marks – which is why we can’t possibly call them micro beads!  We considered “mondo beads” but bubbles just roll off the tongue and are far more fun to say!  Ü 

Bubble Measure

Though they are not translucent they do pick up some background color which contributes to their unique color quality. The above photo was a product of Photoshop.  In the original Bubble Bead photo the background behind the beads is white so the bubbles are not interacting in any way. 

You’ve all heard of interference embossing powders,.. think of these as “interference” micro beads!  To see examples of how they DO interact keep reading!

Sold in 1 ounce bags for $5.25

Click here to be taken to our website to place an order now!

When we first started PWA seven years ago we only knew what to do with the clear beads.  (I KNOW, how weird is that to imagine!?!)  It took all of the amazing input from our customers to help us catch the vision of what colors could do and our world has been rocked ever since!  We know there are o’so many more creative uses for Bubble Beads and we can’t wait to discover them all and share them with you!  If you have some ideas we hope you will share them with us! 

Our design team is hard at work making some projects to inspire your own creative process and we will be sharing them with you as they arrive in the mail.  Yay to fun mail to look forward to!!  Here are a couple that have already arrived:

The Love Nest By Jennifer Toussaint is such a wonderfully bubbly spring bead idea!  Jenn used Crystal Effects and our Iridescent Bubble Beads to create the roof for her love nest.Love NestFlowers, buttons and of course the darling birdie complement the colors she painted her wooden house.

This keychain by Dee Moran is fit for royalty!  Royal Bubble Bead Keychain

A sturdy wooden crown shape forms the base upon which Dee went wild with ink, gems, trim and our new Iridescent Bubble Beads!

Here’s her simple “how to”:

Step 1.  Take a plain wooden crown shape.  Dee’s came from  (More are expected to be available in the store after May 11, 2010).

Step 2.  Sponge shape with alcohol inks on both sides.

Step 3.  Edge both sides of the crown with gold Krylon pen

Step 4.  Trace the shape of the base of the crown onto navy colored card stock, then apply O'so Sticky tape to the card stock.  Use O’So Sticky Tape to adhere cardstock to the wood crown.  Remove red liner from the tape and apply bubble beads.  (Remember to do both sides of the crown this way – being a key chain it’s two sided.)

Step 5.  Wrap gold cording around the top of the Bubble beaded piece.  (Front and back).

Step 6.  Glue large gems to the points of the crown.

Step 7.  Screw in a small eyehook to the top of the wooden piece and attach key chain piece.

Click here to be taken to our website to place an order now!

Background paper credit:  To show off our new Iridescent Bubble Beads we used background paper by Best Creation #GP307.  It’s an embossed, glittery two sided cardstock that will definitely be turning up in some future art – once it’s done being a photo box background!

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