Tuesday, August 17, 2010


PWA designer Becky Ward has added a lot of great texture to this “bubbly” card!


Three layers of cardstock, a Cuttlebugged background, three dimensional popped up flower, ribbon and Pennywise Bubble Beads all come together to create an astonishing card that has to be fondled to be fully appreciated!  Ü


  1. Very nice card Marianne. Great use of the bubbles to bling up your background. darlene

  2. Love the card, the bubble bead really make the card shine!


  3. I love the blue and those bubble beads are so cool, they add so much dimension to the card. Did you make that flower? I love it!

  4. Thank you for the compliments!

    The bubble beads were adhere'd to the Cuttlebugged background by 1/2" circles punched out of paper-backed O'So Sticky Tape (LOVE that stuff!).

    I did make the flower. I used a special edition Close To My Heart stamp set that had the flower stamps (three graduated sizes) in addition to a bunch of other stamps. Unfortunately, the set didn't have a name on the pouch, but I remember it being issued around Mother's Day 2009. I stamped each image with Brilliance ink and let it dry thoroughly. Then, I cut each and used my thumb nail to slightly curl the edges. I used more of the O'So Sticky Tape to adhere each size to the next and ended with another circle punched piece of O'So to add bubble beads. To mount the flower on the card, I used foam tape.

    Hope this helps! :-)

  5. neat card, I love how you added beads to the circles randomly - it is really cool


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