Thursday, September 30, 2010

Floral Fancy

Floral by steph

Stephanie Loomis’s fancy floral card has so many great elements!  I really love how the blue, turquoise and sage colors work together in this design. 

I believe the background is one of Stephanie’s digital creations.  Ü  To that she added a border of blue micro beads to the top and bottom with strips of O’So Sticky Tape.  The finishing touch is the silk flowers with micro beaded middles.


  1. Yes, the central image is one of my digital creations. In a moment of frivolity, I gave myself fairy wings and placed myself in one of my backyard hydrangeas! It's printed on organza fabric (I bought it ready to print on, but now I know how to create printable fabric myself.)

    Cool beads, huh?

  2. Ohmygosh Stephanie! I didn't recognize you in there until now! Very coll! So fun and whimsical!

  3. I thought that looked like Stephanie with wings! So fun!!


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