Monday, March 28, 2011

Belgium ATC Swap

A small group of Pennywise artists had the opportunity to swap ATCs  with a group of ladies from Belgium.  These are the ATCs that were sent from the US:

Theresa DalzelWells 3 Theresa DalzelWells 4

Theresa Dalzel-Wells

Yvonne Grimes Ann Lawton

Yvonne Grimes                           Ann Lawton

Diane Quinlan Julie Imsland

Diane Quinlan                          Julie Imsland

Kelly Green Laura Davis 

Kelli Green                         Laura Davis

Linda DesGroseilliers 1 Linda DesGroseilliers 2

Linda DesGroseilliers

 Linda DesGroseilliers 3 Linda DesGroseilliers 4

Linda DesGroseilliers

Michelle McCarthy Suzanne Glazier

Michelle McCarthy                        Suzanne Glazier

Theresa DalzelWells 1 Theresa DalzelWells 2

Theresa Dalzel-Wells


Can you guess what our theme was by looking at the ATCs?  No cheating if you knew previously!  Post your answer here!


  1. Was the theme to use a square? Vicki C.

  2. I think Vicki is probably right! Whatever the theme, those are absolutely fabulous ATCs!

  3. Thank you for sharing these! It's always such fun to see the variety of interpretations on a theme. I hope you will also be able to share photos of the ATC's from Belgium.


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