Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Floral Lattice

Lattice by Marianne Colschen

I’m still in process with my craft room.  Cleaning, sorting, clearing, organizing and discovering.  The latter is the best part of all, finding treasures!!

I can’t remember if this beauty by Marianne Colschen has been on the blog before or not, but it turned up and I wanted to err on the side of you definitely getting to see it!

O’so faintly you can see the embossed diagonals on the white cardstock.  Marianne used them as a guide to lay down Sure Tac glue to create the micro beaded lattice upon which her pretty flowers bloom.

I definitely need more space just to display all of the goodies I’ve collected over the years!

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  1. A charming piece for sure! very nice..glad you "found" it again and posted it!


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