Monday, August 8, 2011

FUNky Flower Tin


Getting sick is never fun, and when it’s an illness that lasts longer than just a few days then all fun goes right out the window.  That’s kind of what happened when I got that virus in June.  Don’t worry, I’m not sick but my computer sure has been.  We thought it was going to be terminal, thankfully it wasn’t.  

Unfortunately though, it left a nasty trail of chaos behind.  Would you believe that the virus actually took and HID almost everything on my computer!?!!  Programs, pictures, documents,…. EVERYTHING!  So piece by piece I’m putting my computer life back together and trying to get my mojo back.  It’s taking longer than I would like it to.

I’ll be squeezing in blog posts as often as I can and mixing it up a bit so that all three of our summer artists will get fair screen time.  Thanks so much Jennifer, Yvonne and Marianne for your understanding!!

This fun”ky” tin was created by Jennifer Toussaint.  The bright colors always sell me and this cute little tin is so whimsical.  The clear micro beads always make photography a challenge so in case you can’t read the stamped image on the top it says, “He was away often.  I like that in a man.”  Kind of reminds me of those sassy 50’s women you see on calendars and napkins now.  Ü

Jennifer took her tin the extra mile and spruced up the inside as well:


Just darling!!

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