Sunday, November 20, 2011

May All Your Pumpkins Be Plump!

plump pumpkins2

These “Stamptastic” pumpkins are my favorite stamp to use this time of year. I colored the image with colored pencils and then put O’So Sticky Tape over the top and cut it out.

I peeled the liner off and carefully sprinkled Lettuce Translucent Mini Micro Beads randomly over the green leafy areas.  I used the liner to set them firmly into the tape and then dipped the whole thing into Clear Ultra Fine Micro Beads to fill in all of the open areas.  This close up shows the dimension between the two sized beads.   

plump pumpkins2 Behind the pumpkins is a sleeve created by cutting an orange envelope into fourths.  The pocket is open on two sides and stamped with a cheese cloth texture stamp from Stampin’ Up!.  The gem is to help make it more noticeable that something actually pulls out of the pocket. Plump Pumpkins Isn’t that the cutest saying?  The stamp is from Ann-ticipations.  Several customers received one of these in their order envelope as a surprise last week!  Ü  Enjoy!

Hugs, Suzanne

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