Thursday, January 26, 2012

Victorian Valentine Cone


Sometimes when I need a little creative jump start I just Google things.  This time I Googled “Valentine Craft Projects” and selected to see only images.  That was how I found the inspiration for my Valentine cone.  The photo I saw  is copyright and I want to credit the original artist so click here to see it.

Hers is a much simpler version than what I made.  I was cooped up without power for three days so as soon as the lights came on I went crazy in my craft room!

I started with a book of sheet music.  It’s old.  I’ve had it since I was about 12 or so which makes it really old.  I decided it had more value to me in my craft stash than it did crammed in my piano bench.  Ü  I rolled the sheet into a cone shape and taped it together.  For stability, I rolled a sheet of cardstock the same way and tucked it inside.  Then the fun stuff started!

My friend Julie helped me set up my sewing machine so I could do a running stitch down the middle of some white crepe paper.  It gathers itself a little bit and when I wanted more I just tugged on the back thread.  The crepe paper is put around the top edge of my cone with O’So Sticky Tape.  Then I punched holes in each side with my Crop-o-dile tool.  Big holes, long reach, perfect.

Victorian Valentine Cone top edge

I cut a heart from a piece of chipboard, inked it red and covered it with O’So Sticky Tape.  I peeled off the liner and placed the “Valentine” banner across the heart and then dipped the heart into red opaque micro beads.  It really helps to have friend over that does calligraphy, thanks Julie!  Ü 

Victorian Valentine Cone heart

IMG_1614For the ruffle behind the heart I layered some gold tulle over the paper before I ran it through the sewing machine.  I gathered this one up tight to make a ruffled backdrop for the heart.  This was put onto the cone with a really big glue dot. 

The left side of the cone has some linked crystals dangling that I found at a really cool antique store, a lock and a key charm and an eye glass charm.  The image inside the glass is from one of our Valentine collage sheets by Michele Aiello-Zendejas. 


I strung some red, pink and gold seed beads together to dangle from the bottom of the heart.  And I added a string of pearls and chain, something from my junk jewelry stash that I thought was a perfect finish.  ÜIMG_1609 I added a sheer gold ribbon hanger and tied extra ribbon to hang down both sides of the cone.  Then I filled it with iridescent fluffy stuff.  I think I will probably change it out for some ivory crinkle paper though, next time I go shopping.

I could tell from the photos that the original artist shared that she created more than one and now I know why, they are utterly addicting!  Consider yourself warned. Ü

Hugs,  Suzanne



  1. Oh my gosh this just takes my breath away!! What a breatiful piece of artwork!!

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words and taking the time to visit my blog! I have all the stuff on my table Kathleen, you can come make one! ;0)

    Hugs, Suzanne


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