Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Annual PWA Pity Party Swap

Julie Imsland Pity Party Card

Every spring Pennywise Arts hosts a weekend long “shoebox party” retreat.  All of the guests bring one project (in a proverbial shoebox) with enough supplies for everyone else to make it.  By the end of the weekend we will each go home with at least 27 new finished projects!  The crafty bits are just a part of the wild and wacky fun our group of gals cooks up over the weekend.  Truly, you have to see it for yourself to even believe a word I say.   What happens at a PWA retreat stays at a PWA retreat. (wink-wink)

And, every year there are many in our online community that wish they could come play with us and can’t.  It is in honor of them that we host our annual “Pity Party” swap.  A “shoebox party” in the mail with project packets to create.  This year our hostess is Sherry Shauble.  Sherry should have received all 18 of the packages by now and will be sending out the swapped kits very soon!  One of those kits belongs to Julie Imsland.  Since Julie and I are neighbors and get together often, I got a sneak peek at her card kits.

Julie Imsland Pity Party Card

Behind the black lattice die cut paper Julie put a strip of O’So Sticky Tape.  Then she filled in the gaps with Pennywise Ultra Fine Clear Beads.  Julie’s card is a plethora of layers and texture!

It’s a busy month getting ready for retreat, so as I have time and can squeeze them in, I will be posting pictures of the other Pity Party projects!

Hugs, Suzanne

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