Saturday, April 28, 2012

It’s Owl Good

Wine Bottle BlingMy owl was totally inspired by a blingy wine bottle wrap!  My friend Sandy was going through her stash ‘o stuff  and decided that I needed to have about a dozen of them. (?? Ü)

When I sat down to begin my owl design there they were, in a pile on my table just waiting to be: disassembled!

Using jewelry pliers I opened up the jump rings to take it apart and created “skirts” to go around my owl’s waistline, or is that a neckline?

I used some of the glitzy circles from the wrap to create the eye lids and lashes for my owls.  And then there are large 3-D Zots on the eye balls with a fun mixture of micro beads stuck to them.

Suzanne Glazier

I love how the beaded Zots stay “skooshy”.  They remind me of the old time candies my grandma used to keep in her candy bowl.  I didn’t like to eat them but I did like to “skoosh” them.  Ü

The scalloped lace feathers were cut with my Cricut.  The stamp is a Studio G from the dollar bin at the craft store.

Oh, and back to the wine,….. if you look closely you can see from the label that it came from the Pennywise vineyard in California.  For reals!  I ordered a few bottles to share at the Pennywise retreat this weekend, Cheers!

Wine Label

Hugs, Suzanne

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