Wednesday, December 23, 2009

O’ Christmas Tree

Here is my crazy Christmas Tree concoction for the PWA Holiday Fat Book Swap.  All I can say is that owning a Cricut can really get you into trouble!  It definitely gives me more confidence than any one person should ever have about pulling off  insane paper stunts…Suzanne Glazier

Thankfully I have some fabulous friends who are willing to help out while my hands aren’t working and they didn’t complain one bit!

The trees were cut from a variety of holiday papers with the Cricut and each page has three trees attached accordian style to make them pop up and be fat.  Also cut with the Cricut are the ornaments that were a total copy of Michele Aiello-Zendejas’s design from this blog post.  Thanks for the inspiration Michele!

Hugs, Suzanne


  1. I may need to get one of those machines too! lovely!


  2. Wow--that is an awesome 3D tree. Love the ornaments--very clever. Darlene L

  3. I love the 3d tree. I wish I would of joined this swap. ughh!


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