Monday, December 21, 2009

Heartful Snowman

Karen Slusher 2

Karen Slusher added her unique and classic style to the creation of this snowman with hidden features.  Paint and stamps start it all off in the background while hand punched snowflakes and Stickles take the stage to create the face and icicles on the hat.  The arms are ornament hangers and the vest is cut from patterned paper.  Not shown in this photo is the surprise inside when one discovers that the vest actually opens up and underneath is a large crystal snowflake heart!


  1. What a wonderful looking snowman! Great embellishments, gotta love that vest! He is one spiffy guy. Frosty never looked so good. Darlene L

  2. Love this guy...his vest is the best.


  3. The vest is awesome and really is two dimensional! I have one in my group that I received and it is so cool!


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