Sunday, March 21, 2010

Button Fairy Update!



Wow!  This has been a popular project!  (Yay Dee!! Thanks for the inspiration!)  I’ve had so many inquiries about it that I thought I’d better add the very basic instructions here for the masses!


There are so many ways that this can be done – so feel free to change it up in any way that works for you!  I just cut a wire to about 18” in length. Use a sturdy wire, one that will hold a shape and still be flexible enough that you can weave it in and out of the buttons. Fold the wire in half and start “sewing” the buttons onto the wire weaving BOTH ends of the wire up through. This keeps the buttons from slipping off the ends of the wire – because the ends are both going to make their way up to the head.

In her photo I can see that Dee used a shorter wire (about 9”) and made a curly cue at the end to keep her buttons from falling off.  Do whatever works!

When I tried this I didn’t worry about doing it “right” I just let it flow as it felt best to me. Add buttons of any size, shape, color that pleases you and stop when you think your tail is long enough. Then just twist the ends of the wire together and trim them if needed. Shape the tail with a curl. Now it’s time to embellish your cute fairy tail! Use one of our collage sheets (Winged things are great!) for the head or take an old family photo and do one of your grandma and add feathers or rubber stamped wings so she can fly. Add ribbons, jewels, charms,… whatever you want to use to dress her up.

Here’s Dee’s original fairy again:


Here is a button fairy made by Sally Bowen!


If you make one, we’d love to add it here!!  Please send a photo!!!


  1. I have buttons but rarely use them. This is a very clever idea and the results are just fabulous. Dar

  2. I had forgotten about these! I, too, have some pretty buttons, but I've used a few only on cards or other such creations. Dee has such wonderful ideas!

  3. I did make one of these awhile ago. She's hanging on my bulletin board! Great idea!

  4. These are darling! I am going to try to make one!

  5. Hi Suzanne,

    I'd love to post my button fairies but not sure how to.


  6. Lizzy! We'd love to see your button fairy! Please email it to me at: and I will upload it for you!



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