Thursday, March 25, 2010

Springtime In Paris

Speaking of Spring…  here is an amazing micro beaded beret done by a very special PWA friend and artist, Brooke Swinney.   It’s titled “Springtime in Paris”. 

Several years ago Brooke grabbed a hold of our O’So Sticky Tape and micro beads and she took them to a whole new level that we like to call “Bead Extreme”!  See for yourself just how extreme she went  in these photos of Brooke’s beret!

This is the top view:

Top View

Brooke’s designs include teeny tiny details, like this little beaded blue bird:

Bluebird View Here’s a butterfly created with O’So Sticky Tape, micro beads and wire:

Butterfly Dreams

Paris just wouldn’t be complete without a bereted poodle: Parisian Poodle

Here we have a swan sailing on the Siene:  Swan Sailing The Siene

I just love this cute little ladybug: Ladybug View

Isn’t the detail simply stunning?

Springtime in Paris Cropped sm

Brooke, you are an inspiration my friend! 

Hugs, Suzanne

P.S.  Someone asked a question about how many beads Brooke used to create this beret and I honestly cannot answer that question, sorry!  I sent Brooke a flat rate box full of beads because she was also doing some boxes for us – I’ll be sharing photos of those soon so be sure to check back for more amazing and EXTREME micro beading!


  1. Oh my goodness. What a lot of detail. It must have taken hours. It's beautiful and sooo colorful.
    Brooke B.

  2. Tons of beads! So much detail! very colorful.


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