Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Everything

I love this stamp for several reasons.  1.  It fits for just about any occasion  2. It’s fun and 3. Every time I use it I think of my sweet friend Debbie W. because she is the one who gave it to me.  :)

HappyEverything I created these quick artist trading cards using scraps of paper left from another design (my atc leftovers box of bits is getting crazy full!)

I put a strip of O’So Sticky Tape across the paper and put ribbon that was slightly smaller on top of it.  Then I added micro beads to the edges for a fun textury border and finished it off with a premade cupcake sticker from Jolees. 

My original idea was to use the Jolees for inspiration and make my own.  Maybe I will.  Someday.  :)

Hugs, Suzanne

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