Monday, October 8, 2012

Paperback O’So Sticky Tape It’s Now Or Never

oso paperback sticky tape sheetWe are still trying to pull together enough pre-orders to bring in the O'So Sticky Paperback tape sheets!  

Paperback tape sheets are wonderful for die cutting sticky shapes you'd never want to cut by hand.

O’So Paperback is the exact same tape as our regular sheets and Mega Rolls but it has a white paper liner on both sides which makes cutting with scissors easier and digital die cutting possible.  Hand punches also work but expect it to get gummy and have some Goo Gone nearby.  Thumb lever punches seem to work the best for me.

Between my Vagabond, Cricut and O’So Sticky Paperback Tape sheets I can get myself into some really amazing artwork that otherwise would never happen! Ü  But alas, even my own personal stash is nearly depleted.

If you've been wishing we would bring it back, now is your chance to help make that happen!  Place your preorder on our website here:

Currently we have a handful of the Mega Rolls in stock - you might want to grab one while you are there!


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