Sunday, March 14, 2010

Springtime Flower Bouquet √

Is it Spring yet?  It’s hard to tell in the Snoqualmie Valley!  Yesterday it was hailing and today the sun is shining.  Last week was similarly crazy with sun and snow mixed!  My flowers are confused and so am I!

sprintime flowersThis flower bouquet isn’t confusing though and with it sitting on my counter it feels like Spring every time I glance that direction. Ü

Marianne Colschen created this simple to replicate card using her diamond Cuttlebug embossing plate on white cardstock.  She added Sure Tac Glue to half of the lines and then dipped the card into clear micro beads.  Any size bead will do!   The larger the micro bead the more reflection you’ll see from the light refracting through them, that’s what makes this card especially sparkly.

Prima flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors were layered together and added across the center diagonally with more Sure Tac Glue.  Micro beads in the middle finish the flowers quite nicely.  We love Sure Tac Glue because it flows nicely and dries crystal clear.  It’s perfect for micro bead accents anywhere you need them.

Pretty ribbon and a couple more layers of colored cardstock give the front of this card design a blooming finish.

But that’s not all folks!spring time flowers inside

Inside Marianne continued the same techniques and theme.  I love cards that are decorated on the inside.  I wish I took more time to follow it through that way!  Usually I’m lucky to have a card done just on the outside, forget the inside and the envelope!  Ü

Would you like to see this card with your hands?  Leave a comment below and you just might! 

Stamp Credit:  The Paper Company


  1. Love the Spring flowers card!! Very pretty! I do wish Spring would get here! I like the changing of the seasons but I'm ready for Spring!!

  2. I do love the colorful floral exterior of this card! It is nice to see 'spring' this way!

  3. Simply beautiful card! Love the flowers.


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