Thursday, December 22, 2011

Creative Ways To Hang A Domino

It’s always fun to see the ideas that others come up with for hanging dominos.  Here are some from the PWA domino swap (and a couple creative ones from past years).

A fancy bead glued to the top.bead

A bead made from rolling clay and poking a straw through it to create the hole.

Clay Bead

Pre drilled dominoes from Pennywise Arts.


An ornament hook glued to the back.


An eye hook screwed into the top.


Ribbon wrapped tightly around the edges and then cinched up through the center of a flat bead.  The ribbon is then knotted to hold fast.

 Kathysdom Kathysdom2

A bead glued to the top.


Several pony beads glued to the top (side) edge.


Ribbon wrapped and tied tightly at the top with a knot.


A band of beaded O’So Sticky on the sides (glue was added so the cord wouldn’t slip out.)


A heart shaped clip bent so the bottom sticks up for a hook to attach to.

Wire Clipiolas

Wire poked through the holes and twisted back on itself.


When adding things to the top to use for hangers, be sure to use a super strong glue like epoxy, E6000 or Jewel Tac.  It needs to be able to hold the heavy weight of a domino and not all glues are strong enough.

Hugs!  Suzanne

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