Friday, December 23, 2011

New Glass Slide Ornaments

Playing around in my craft room this week I created some new glass slide ornaments from our Christmas collage sheets.  I played with different hangers based on ideas from the domino swap as well as the wire wrapping I did on the “Over the river” atc posted on Tuesday of this week.

Glass Slides

Left: I cut the ornament hangers into two pieces and wedged the ends between the images that are sandwhiched between the slides.  Plastic slides worked best for putting lumping things inside because they will bend just a little.

Center:  The hanger is created from a piece of 1/4” O’So wrapped over the top from front to back.  Each end touches the glass for a stronger bond.  Bead the inside of the loop before removing the liner to bead the outside.

Right:  Still not a perfected technique but I do like the wire wrapping with the beads that move back and forth.  Getting the loop to land in the middle at the top was harder than I thought it would be, but I don’t have a lot of wire work under my belt yet.

It’s definitely not to late to whip up a few of these yourself!  They take only minutes to do.  Purchase digital collage sheets from our website, print and cut out.  Place between two slides (glass or plastic) then wrap with 1/4” O’So around the edges and fold the excess tape to the front and back to make a frame.  Press into micro beads and you’re done.

Hugs and Happy Beading!   Suzanne

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